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Feb 28, 2020 3021
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Romance Istanbul has been transformed from a run of the mill establishment to one of the most luxurious hotels, right in the heart of the old city of Istanbul, where Europe connects to Asia. 

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In Romance Istanbul Hotel, you are invited to a wondering adventure with the Talismanic Shirts that have a great importance in Ottoman Sultan's life. Each talismanic shirt’s story will bring you back to the magical world of the past while you “explore the myths of talisman”.


Location: The hotel is ideally placed for walking to many of the city’s most impressive sights, such as Haghia Sophia, Archaeology Museum, Basilica Cistern and Topkapı Palace. 


History: Each room has its own talisman shirt on display, of the kind specially made for each sultan to bring good luck and protection. Luckily we stayed at 4404 room (let me note that 4 is my favorite number as i was born on 4.4) where the replica shirt from 16 century of Selim the Grim who was born in 1470 is displayed. It is believed that this talisman protects you from the evil. It brings you the strength to decide with both your mind and your heart when you need it the most. The shirt is ornamented in Arabic and Persian languages, for the sole purpose of being faithful to its original version. 


Decoration: All the fittings and fixtures of the hotel have been custom-made to give a definite sense of traditional style, with an emphasis on ornate, period gilded-wood furniture, heavy drapes, floral wallpaper and velvet or satin upholstery, chandeliers and glass pendant lighting fittings and wrought-iron work. With its Neo-Classical façade and ornate French balconies, from the outside the hotel has the look of a traditional Parisian apartment block. Inside the rooms you will find king-sized beds with plump pillows that are draped with silky damask spreads and topped with a complimentary bowl of Turkish delight on arrival. All have natural-wood flooring and Turkish rugs, veneered wood furniture and sensational lighting. 


Services: The guest relations staff here are top-notch: well-trained, personable and knowledgeable. Special kudos to Mrs Zumre who was very helpful, kind and full of smiles with all our special requests and questions regarding the top attractions of the city! 


Spa: The relaxing Allure Spa offers a number of different massage treatments and other therapies. But let me stress out the turkish bath session with Mr Mehmet who is very experienced and will you the traditional massage of your life! 


Breakfast is served till 11am. While you may find a large variety at the buffet, you may also order special dishes such as waffles, pancakes and fresh omelettes. Special kudos to the pastry chef Mr Musa who was more than willing to serve us some delicious handmade sweets. 


Tip: Don't miss the complimentary coffee and cakes in the Romance restaurant between 2pm and 4pm every afternoon.

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