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A huge exotic resort - Paradise found.

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The resort despite its huge size is extremely well organized. Everything is already set and ready before you even ask it. The location is very convenient, as it just 15-20’ by speedboat from the airport. PS Don’t forget to prebook a pick-up round transfer! What i loved most was the people working at the resort, most of them from Nepal, Sri Lanka and India. The staff is more than friendly• they are always smiling are always willing to help you with anything you may need. Most of the staff actually remember your room number and even your name! They say that, we, Greeks know and practice best the epitome of “philoxenia” but every time i travel outside Europe i have to rethink and change my mind about this urban myth. Paradise resort was a “philoxenia” paradise. Apart from that, let me stress out another huge highlight: The food has large variety and it is very well cooked, especially at the Lagoon restaurant next to the water villas, from where you may also feed the sharks (this is a must do highlight, and it’s free of charge). I would strongly recommend you to book a haven villa with all inclusive meal program, and also try some of the activities, like the canoe. They offer you the equipment just for 1 hour, but for amateurs like me i guess that it’s pretty enough time. But you need to book it in advance (in fact you need a priori reservation for everything you do at the resort). Unwind yourself: Every night at the main bar there are live performances, karaoke nights, race games etc that are really entertaining. Don’t miss to feed the fish from 7 to 8pm (free activity). The sunset (around 6pm) is just amazing with all these colors painting the sky and the beach. The resort is very much eco friendly• they totally respect nature, the marine life and they avoid using plastics. Also it is very clean and all the setting around is a true paradise as the name itself declares.


The minus are that at some points there is noise (for example at the main restaurant and bar), as well as outside certain rooms such as 160-164 and around due to a 24h operating machine that purifies the water. If you could avoid these rooms, it would be better. As the resort is somewhat close to Male, and the airport, you may be annoyed by planes and seaplanes that fly most of the time. The most annoying part that was almost everyone would try to sell something: an activity, an upgrade, a souvenir, an upgrade, anything you could possible imagine. That part is making the resort a more “touristic” one. Also no matter how much extra money you will spend, you will not get anything for free or as a gift, or even a memoire from the resort. Don’t even think to ask for a free upgrade• I would say that they are very strict with this issue and they are trying to sale every single thing. Last but not least they are not so social media friendly. Despite you could reach them via whats app, they don’t seem to use facebook, instagram and emails to give some answers to your issues. I emailed them twice and i also sent few instagram direct messages, but never got a reply. Perhaps they need a digital marketing or social media manager to handle these online platforms.


Tip: Some sharks may appear near the beach after the sunset, so you have to swim at your own risk despite the fact that we were informed that these sharks are not dangerous and fatal. Don’t think of taking a coconut or a bottle with sand as souvenir with you as you will be charged around 1k$ at the airport (unless you have a receipt from a store selling them specifically). They are very strict about preventing their natural beauty. And for me they have a strong point, despite the fact that nobody will warn you about this fee.. (well, thank me later!)


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