Interview with Simone Arnaboldi of Realize Srl

Mar 04, 2015 2810
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Tasos Lazaridis: What is the long-term vision for the company?

Simone ArnaboldiOur company’s long term vision is to keep the high standard level we reached and be placed into a very small luxury top segment in architecture and try to achieve prestigious works all over the world.

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What do workers find most rewarding about being with the company?

Our workers are all professionist people in our field and the best reward for them is to work in a familiar friendly team and see at the end of each work the optimum result they can obtain with their own work.

What are the one-year and/or five-year goals for the organization? And how do you see yourself in this role supporting those goals?

This current year we have a prevision to double our turnover with two big foreign projects and for next years we would like to increase our general turnover but on a normal natural base achieving important Clients. I’m following the commercial dept. so an important figure as present at the beginning of each contact and present to discuss and finalize the different contract terms.

Which products and services do you offer and distinguish you from others?

We can offer a very high quality standard product and manufacture with a total care not only of the items produced but most of all a total care to our Client who is always important for us being available for him and his requests 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Who are you major customers and competitors?

Our client’s portfolio includes private customers, Architects and high level names on the market like Bulgari, The Shard London, Chateau Margaux Bordeaux, New Doha International Airport Qatar. The real difference towards our competitors is the power as small company to be able to follow each step of our works very carefully and treat our customer like a jewel.

How is the industry today and its market trends?

We do not think is a difficult period for industry if each decision is well thought and you follow a good strategy to keep going on and keep the right and important part of the luxury market. We see that if you work well at high standard levels, work is not missing. We’re stating a general growing market trend referring of course to our kind of business.

Which business challenges are you facing and which business problems solving strategies have/are putting in place? How can you rate you business in terms of quantity of products sold and quality of services offered/quality of employees?

Our strategy to face any possible problem is of course think, study and prevent any step before acting so to avoid possible troubles and in case find quickly alternative solutions and be always available to satisfy client’s needs.

Will you please share a story of a person who really inspired you?

There is no a specific story of a specific person who inspired my way to work. It’s the complete dedication to the work since years, the strong will to arrive to my foreseen goals, the will not to give up in anycase a situation even the most difficult and see at the end the success with our masterpieces present all over the world.

What was one of your biggest obstacles going through these years?

I cannot say it was an obstacle but of course a hard decision when about 6 years ago I took the decision with my partners to start a new adventure establishing the Realize Company. Hard at the beginning but rewarding nowadays.

What is the one piece of information, which you have now, but you think would have been useful when you were in school or university? Think of it as a, "if I knew then, what I know now" moment.

The value to understand now how important was and is the study, the learning, the dediction to work, to have the possibility during the adolescence to understand how much important is studying and the knowledge you can learn, whatever school address you choose to enrich yourself. But remember: dediction, hard work, seriousness are very important but also a pinch of smile and positivity is necessary…life and success are smiling to smart people!

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