5+1 Reasons To Fly with Dinner in The Sky Athens

Aug 26, 2019 2141
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5+1 Reasons To Fly with Dinner in The Sky Athens

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Athens Panorama:

Fly under the bright Aegean sun and the blue Attica sky and take in the panoramic view of the illuminated city – from the Parthenon to the sea.



Imagine your wedding and honeymoon in Athens with the Acropolis as a backdrop.. Dinner in the Sky Athens offers couples a real-life fairytale wedding anniversary venue!



When the fiery sun sinks behind the mountains, this scene will be forever emblazoned across your mind and cherished in your heart.



Dinner in the Sky Athens’ chef is always experimenting with local products, combining traditional recipes with modern gastronomy, and making the flight over Athens a top culinary destination in Greece.



The city with archaeological treasures, the cornerstone of Western civilisation, at night buzzing with life in the arty, industrial setting of Technopolis in Gazi, where Dinner in the Sky Athens is located. After all, Athens is a youthful city that never sleeps!


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