How To Deal With Toxic People

Jan 03, 2016 1684
Published in MR. POSH

I’m talking about the people you love who keep hurting you.

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The emotional bullies. The ones you should let go but can’t. They lock you in until you become just like them.


You want them to love you. You want to make them happy. You feel guilty that they’re not.


You hope they’ll change. So you wait. You can’t do otherwise, you love them too much. They never match your expectations. Yet you keep excusing their behavior.


They turn you into an emotional roller-coaster. Both excited and scared when they come. Relieved and depressed when they finally leave.


You keep hoping. ‘Maybe next time’. They leave you yearning for more. On the hook.



What do you do when someone you love drives you crazy?

You pull back.


It’s hard to realize who’s toxic. But deep down you know. Do you get anxious when thinking about them?

Don’t try to help them. You can’t do much. The problem lies deep inside and you don’t have the key to that door.

Don’t wait for them to change, they won’t. At least not right now. People don’t change in one day. Getting better takes time and determination.


The only person you can change is yourself.
You come first.


There’s no shame in that. You can’t be helpful without being healthy.

You’ll feel guilty anyway so do yourself a favor: feel guilty for saving, not killing yourself.

Seek healthy relationships. Surround yourself with great people who will cheer you up.